Valuable Questions That Customers Should Ask The Print Shop Near Me

Enjoying an open dialogue with the print shop near me is beneficial for a number of reasons.

Rather than producing a number of standardised copies that only achieve the basics, there are extra measures they can take and information to provide that makes the exercise more worthwhile.

Let us offer some examples of valuable questions that customers should ask the print shop near me.


Q: What Sizes Are Available/Suitable For The Project?

Depending on the demands of the client, it is worthwhile exploring what size options are presented by the print shop near me. To be more economical with production, a shift by as little as one or two millimeters or one size down in font can save on costs and paper. The outlet will be in a position to consult with the customer and determine the scale size of the paper (A4 v A3 as an example) and whether or not there are formatting alternatives that can scale the project to a size that is manageable.


Q: What Print Templates Are Available?

The local print shop will likely be equipped with a range of templates that will allow a project to be fitted and customised on a particular design. This process will help to avoid many of the setbacks and deliberations that occur when there are no template options available to the customer. From the trim and the bleed to other specified measurements that ensures for a smooth transition from copy to paper, it is important to understand which templates are ideal from a production standpoint.


Q: What Are The Expected Waiting Times?

Clients from a residential or commercial profile looking to deal with the print shop near me are always well positioned when they know how the project will be scheduled. There will be jobs that require intricate printing practices while digital software and hardware technologies are able to expedite many other types of projects. From short turnaround times inside a couple of hours to 3-5 business day deliveries that require additional attention and resources, getting a gauge for this process will be an important factor.


Q: Are There Any Issues With The Image Resolution?

One of the main logistical issues that the print shop near me can have is attempting to work with small images that have a low-resolution quality. If this is the case, then the production value will be harmed. The higher the resolution of the image, the easier it will be to format the final copy and ensure that it can work for a range of different print mediums.


Q: Do You Provide a Print Proof Edition?

Securing a draft or print proof has to be essential for a client working with the print shop near me. If there are any errors with formatting, colouring or an issue with the spelling or grammar on the copy, then this piece of oversight can be checked and resolved before the final batch is produced. Attempting to rush through a project without receiving a draft opens up the potential to make a mistake that will be impossible to reverse.


Q: What Are The Costs Involved?

Securing an obligation-free quote should be part and parcel of what is offered from the print shop near me to ensure transparency and clarity on the subject. There will be certain pricing policies that will be published in clear detail for customers, but given the intricacies and unique project profile for some consumers, there will be variations on cost. There is no need to be caught off guard in this aspect when the topic is discussed ahead of time.



December 5, 2019 Annette Welch