HBD shaped balloons

Budget Friendly Tips For a Kids Party Balloon Decoration

Kids parties should be a time for parents to access some easy, fun and affordable items to make the day worthwhile for everyone.

While money will be allocated to foods, drinks and maybe some gifts for those lucky enough, there are some other strategies that can optimise the day for all concerned.

The use of a balloon decoration setting can be just the tonic in these instances, illuminating a home, a backyard, a patio or somewhere that the kids will be playing and enjoying each other’s company.

Without spending fortunes on deluxe designs and paying for goods just because the event dictates it so, there are some budget friendly tips that will help mums and dads monitor their dollars without compromising on the value for the young boys and girls.


Buy in Bulk

It is a simple principle but one that true when sourcing a balloon decoration – the more transactions you enter into as a consumer, the higher the price per item. Local outlets and online stores respectively will reward those shoppers who acquire all of their balloons at once, generating a higher discount rate in the process and ensuring that all of the shopping can be undertaken from one provider. This will help those parents who are concerned about not having enough stock on hand to cover the appropriate locations.


Sparkles and Confetti

One of the great selling points about using a balloon decoration for a kids party is that it is about fun and engagement for all guests. To optimise that feeling for those little ones that come through the door, the inclusion of sparkles and confetti sprayed onto the surface and inside the items conveys that same feeling. With the aid of some glue and a handful of bright confetti sparkles, these collections will allow the product to sparkle in the sunshine or offer more brightness and levity indoors.


Neat Ribbon Integration

A balloon decoration that links together a set of items can feel relatively stale and one-dimensional in some cases when it is just basic string. This is where the inclusion of a ribbon tied to the neck of the item and linked from one balloon to the next can make a logistical exercise more fun and creative. The colour scheme can contrast, or it can remain consistent depending on the options and the taste of the mums and dads. These materials are equally as cheap to acquire from local outlets and can often be found from the same providers as the balloons themselves.


Blow Them Up Yourself!

Balloon providers will offer consumers the chance to have their balloon decoration filled with helium, but this will be an extra service that adds more dollars to the exercise. It is important not to overdo it all in one go to ensure that no one feels too light headed in this instance, but blowing up a collection at a time will save on this service and allow you to get hands on with the creation. It’s a fun way of keeping the kids distracted as well if they want to get involved in the fun.


No Limits Inside – Some Limits Outside

When thinking of budget tips and tricks, one of the mistakes that parents can make with a balloon decoration is forgetting how fragile the items can be when exposed to the elements. To avoid paying for replacements and dealing with unwanted waste, it is worthwhile finding coverage for those that are using the goods in an outdoor setting. If they are left to float outdoors, they will be exposed to high winds, rain or even extreme heat, leading to the likelihood of lost property or an accident if the kids are in close proximity.


October 8, 2019 Annette Welch